Rapid and Lasting Relief from Hyperacidity
Chewable Tablets
Each chewable tablet contains:
Dihydroxy Aluminium Sodium Carbonate.....320 mg

Acical is useful antacid for the symptomatic relief of hyperacidity.

Acical provides not only fast onset of action like carbonate containing antacids but also a more sustained effect due to the Dihydroxy aluminium moiety.

The pH of the stomach contents maintained close to 3.5 for a significant period of time. It never reaches to the alkaline region. Even in the presence of substances such as protein and pepsin. Acical has high acid binding capacity which make it one of the most effective antacids.

Acical reacts quickly with gastric acid. Acical absorbs substances which can damage the mucous membranes e.g. bile acids.

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