To become a professional & dedicated team in the field of warehousing by ensuring Good Storage
Practice (GSP) whilst applying the following:
1. Maximizing effective use of space.
2. Maximizing effective use of equipment.
3. Maximizing effective use of employees.
4. Maximizing accessibility of all items.
5. Maximizing protection of all items.


1. To plan over all warehouse activity.
2. To ensure that GSP/GMP practices are followed in the Warehouse department.
3. To participate in preparation of all Warehouse SOP’s.
4. Assist to ensure documentation conforming to cGMP.
5. To ensure that safety practices are followed during material receipt, storage and dispensing.
6. Co-ordinate for availability of raw materials / packing materials as per production need.
7. To impart job training to Officers / Supervisors / Technicians.
8. Assist cGMP training and other trainings to develop individual and team spirit.
9. To ensure timely supply of raw material and packing material as per requirement.
10. To follow-up with vendor for timely delivery of Finished Products.
11. Participate to carry out investigation with abnormalities in stock.
12. To ensure stock are updated timely.
13. To ensure lock and keys area are strictly maintained.
14. To ensure status of material timely updated with co-ordination with quality control.
15. To ensure complete documentation maintained for receipt and storage and dispatch of finished goods received from production.
16. Finally, perform overall activity to achieve organization’s goal on time and in full.