Royal 1000

General Tonic / Immunity Enhancer
Soft Gelatin Capsules
Each capsule contains:
Royal Jelly Lyophilized.....340 mg
corresponding to a natural (fresh) royal jelly 1000 mg

Royal 1000 is the natural queen bee jelly. it is a milky white viscid secretion from the salivary glands of the worker bees (Apis mellifera). Royal 1000 is a well balanced combination of nutrient factors, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, unsaturated fatty acid and enzymes. Royal 1000 is also rich in vitamin B-complex, vitamin C and E together with a variety of minerals and trace elements besides decenoic acid. These vital components complement each other for regulating cellular metabolism, restoring normal activity to the cells and preserving cell integrity. Royal 1000 protects the body against free-radical oxidation (due to antioxidant effect of vitamin C and E), enhances the natural body immunity (due to immune stimulating factors) and displays a potent bactericidal activity.

Royal 1000 also improves mental and physical efficiency with aphrodisiac effect, and reinforces intellectual function.

Royal 1000 imparts super-vitality to all body organs to meet the strenuous demands of life style. Royal 1000 relieves stress, tension, exertion and pressure, overcomes exhaustion, fatigue, weariness and debilitating conditions.

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