1. Develop and review strategic of corporate plan, KPI, and align them across department.

2. Reaffirming the organization.

3. Prioritize and Identify continual improvement concept,focused on international and local quality standards and compliance within quality assurance management.

4. Ensure homogenous implementation and compliance across departments.

5. Internal continual assessment.

6. Spread the culture of the Business Excellence among departments and individuals.


1. Aligned organization: Business Excellence programs will involve a lot of collaboration and cooperation across levels of hierarchy and across organizational silos.

2. Build o Quality program: Enable defect prevention through quality assurance, audit, etc. as well as operational excellence initiative to increase productivity and adds the costumer dimension as well as in a balanced model.

3. Lead, Coach, Train and Mentor teams in the use of Improvement methods.

4. Train, coach and challenge proves owners in the use of statistical tools, approaches and techniques to create process management and measurement system and develop improvement mindset at all level.

5. Support implementation / leverage best practices across to ensure process improvements area institutionalized.

6. Maintain project performance measures on a regular basis to report to leadership on project status as required.

7. Leader of change and innovation: challenge the status quo, effectively influences others at all levels of organization to embrace change, overcome change resistance and seek for outstanding ideas and implements them.

8. Help organization to monitor and to achieve accuracy in delivered service.

9. Cross functional team leadership.