A well-equipped research laboratory is established in Batterjee pharma handling formulations of generic drugs to make the most safe and efficient products of the highest quality and similarity to that of the innovators’ brands.

R&D department is applying up-to-date research technologies, techniques and statistics in optimal product formulation and development from phase I till confirming the final validated product with the highest quality, focusing on improving patient health.

Batterjee pharma ensures the safety, efficiency and quality of its products through analytical method development, stability testing and close management of bioequivalence and other clinical studies which are conducted to all its products according to the regulatory specifications. Our priority is to design new generic drugs and treatments that benefit patients in Saudi Arabia and all over the world.


Our product pipeline will change over time as many new products progress from development to the market, but the pipeline will always include the following dosage forms:

1. Tablets and capsules.
2. Syrups, suspensions and emulsions.
3. Ointments, creams and gels.
4. Mouthwash and antiseptic products.
5. Cosmetics.

We are still working on expanding our development area to include more dosage forms like soft gelatin capsules, powder and sachets as well.

R&D also is working on the development of the existing commercial products to improve and increase its quality higher and higher to be updated and met the patients’ needs.

Our goal is to develop all what can improve the patient health from bench to bedside.